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life-size cardboard sculptures that take you back in time to american artist warren king’s ancestral village in china

what do you do when you take a stroll down memory lane? you browse through old photographs, listen to music that reminded you of that time, or sometimes even go back home and see where it all began.

and that’s what american artist warren king did. it’s just that he created something very different from the rest of us when he returned.

a few years ago, warren had visited his ancestral village and on that trip many people came up to him and spoke off his grandparents with whom they had lived with before the chinese civil war. but that connection had broken once his grandparents had left about 50 years ago.

so bring back those memories, he recreated a few people from his ancestral village using just cardboard and glue. all in the form of life-size cardboard sculptures.

in the series titled, shaoxing villagers, warren leaves the backs unfinished to reveal the hollowness and the meticulous construction.

he says, “my work is not so much about the individuals that are represented as it is about my own attempts to understand them and also the limitations of these efforts.”

here are a few images from the ‘shaoxing villagers’ series that caught our eye. you can follow warren’s work on his website and also on his instagram handle.