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michelle poonawalla, butterflies and two beautiful stop motion animation videos

think about metamorphosis and think about the one that is synonymous with it. think about hope. think about change. what is that one thing that links it all together.

the mighty butterfly. or what many of us call hope on two wings.

it makes us feel that change can be good. a feeling that life is to be cared for and treasured cause it can just as easily be broken. and that is the reason, indian artist michelle poonawalla has made it her signature motif. right from her early works to her latest stop motion work, butterflies make their presence felt in them.

michelle says, “it is synonymous with me and my style, from my very first art piece. to me the butterfly can depict multiple meanings. It reminds us of the fragility of life, freedom, the feeling of hope and love, and a metamorphosis”

in her latest work that comprises two hauntingly beautiful stop motion videos, titled, mother teresa – the eternal symbol of love and peace and from dust to dust, michelle mixes stop motion animation and a beautiful soundtrack that transports you to a place of serene calmness.

the butterflies, though soft and tender, deliver a message in each of the two videos – one on strength and the other on where we’ve come from and where we all will eventually go. and they do it without a whisper.

here are the two videos that caught our eye. you can follow michelle’s work on her website or on instagram.

video courtesy: michelle poonawalla
video courtesy: michelle poonawalla