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shattered wine glasses, knives and plates move to johann sebastian bach’s toccata

if you love horror movies, you’ve probably heard this tune. and if you don’t love horror movies we’re quessing you still would have heard this tune.

it is that one tune that has become synonymous with anything that is scary. and it is by one of favourite music composers of all time – johann sebastian bach.

through the years, the toccata and fuge in d minor by bach has been used in many horror films. like, rouben mamoulian’s dr. jekyll and mr. hyde, terence fischer’s the phantom of the opera and more famously in the opening sequence of norman jewison’s rollerball.

and this is what the creative team at the optical arts studio in london used as the base for their film called ‘toccata’.

they sourced domestic and relevant objects that you and i would find in everyday life and used them in a structure that was largely defined by the music. and to stay true to bach, the opening title letters of the film were shot on location in eisenach, germany, where bach was born in 1685.

the team says, “the film is an exploration on the nature of time, the relentless violence of entropy and creative energy and its relationship to music itself.”

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watch the film below.

video courtesy: optical arts studio